Our launch at last term’s Education for All Conferences was a great success and it is vital to maintain the impetus whilst not burdening ourselves with additional work. I commend all principals for their openness and enthusiasm to ensure our network is successful. I encourage staff from our teaching, non teaching and school support staff to join via the EOI process to join our working parties and to put forward ideas as to how we can move forward.

We have managed to secure some funding via sponsorship and the regional office to help us achieve our goals and apart from network principal release time, which we are banking to use across projects, there are no contingency funding for networks to operate – we need to sustain ourselves through collaborative sharing of resources, time and expertise.

My role is to facilitate and lead our network to meet its goals and to provide a central link where all information is shared and actioned by the appropriate staff. I am finding it a busy yet rewarding experience and hope our strong start continues. Finally don’t wait for the network to do something – you all are the network and the best results come from the ground up with staff committed to improvement. I hope you have a successful school year and consider ways to get involved. Some key actions for the remainder of the year include:

  • Ensuring a strong vibrant communication strategy – newsletter, interest group distribution lists and nings.
  • Create interest groups from staff in areas of need.
  • Link with existing networks and the IPL for PL.
  • Plan our next conference.
  • Explore the Australian Curriculum together.
  • Build a knowledge base in the network.
  • Get support via the National Partnerships for students with a disability.
  • Use the ESSN i-pad project as a model for future work.
  • Seek funds for projects together to build staff capacity.
  • Share professional learning e.g. – ASDAN, EA induction.

I hope you find the rest of the newsletter informative and contact your principal for further information on our network or drop me a line – Andrew.wilson@education.wa.edu.au