Promotions Group

The Group’s membership:

  • John Exeter  –  Principal, Carson Street School – Chairperson
  • Andrew Wilson – Principal, Cannington Community ESC 
  • Dallas Bird – CE Administrator, Carson Street School  –  Website & Facebook Page
  • Kathy Britton –  Principal, Maddington ESC
  • Steve Hordacre – Principal, Kensington Secondary School
  • Gail Nelson – Principal,  Kalamunda SHS ESC
  • Juliet Stratton – Deputy Principal, Castlereagh School
  • Jacqueline Gellel – Deputy Principal, Canning Vale College 
  • Margaret Keen – Principal, Rockingham Beach ESC 
  • Sheena Paterson – Principal, East Victoria Park ESC

The Promotion Group was established to promote our Professional Network comprised  of numerous Education Support Schools and Centres. We will make aware to the larger community the successes at each of these schools. We aim to promote the amazing work our teachers and all staff achieve for all our students in our Schools and Centres.

We will promote the sharing of resources and celebrate the successes in all schools in our network and this will be done primarily through the ESSN Website. The Website is the tool that everyone in the community can log into and find various information regarding Schools and Centres in the ESSN. We have also recently started a Facebook Page.  You can access it here.

The website will provide information on the following:

  • Reports
  • Newsletters
  • Professional Learning
  • List of Member Schools/Centres
  • Footy Tipping
  • All Information for ESSN
  • Promote collaboration between Networks
  • Promote learning communities
  • Promote opportunities/sponsorship with other groups eg; Businesses/Agencies.