Strategic Leadership Group (SLG)

Role and Purpose

The role of the Strategic Leadership Group (SLG) is to strategically guide the delivery of the Education Support South Network’s (ESSN) mission which is to “Promote the Education Support South network as Leaders of Educational excellence for students with Special Needs in the South Metropolitan Region.”

The SLG is not a governance group but rather brings a “birds-eye” perspective to the Network that ensures the efficient coordination of the Network’s work and innovations.  It does this via ongoing liaison with the Chairs of the Collaborations, Professional Learning and Promotions Committees.

Network Principal: Andrew Wilson, Principal, Cannington Community ESC 

The SLG comprises:

Merrilee Wright – Principal, Gwynne Park ESC

Noelene Mason – Principal, Malibu School

Deborah Taylor – Principal, Cloverdale ESC- Chair

Keran Davies – Principal,  Leeming SHS ESC

Pauline Winrow – Principal, Coolbellup LC

John Exeter- Principal, Carson St School

Brendon Bleakley – Associate Principal, Atwell College- Minutes 

Natasha Williams (Teacher Rep) – Teacher Education Support,  Canning Vale College

Tanya Buchan -(Ministerial Rep) – Manager Corporate Services, Cannington Community ESC 

Sara Campbell (Executive Officer) -Teacher,  Leeming SHS ESC

Ben New  (EA rep)  – Education Assistant , Rockingham Beach ESC