The Collaboration Group

The Collaboration Group was established to fulfill the Network’s strategic objective of collaboration by creating a sustainable culture of reciprocity and shared responsibility within the Network’s membership The group’s membership consists of:

  • Pauline Winrow –  Principal, Coolbellup LC
  • Julayne Charlton – Deputy Principal, Malibu School
  • Andrew Wilson – Principal, Cannington Community ESC
  • Charles Attfield (Sem 2) – Deputy Principal, Kalamunda SHS ESC
  • Melissa Sarich – Head of Department Ed Support, Canning Vale College
  • Jarna Wright – Principal, Kalamunda PS ESC
  • Jacqueline Burns (Sem 2) –  Principal, Castlereagh School
  • Mark Watson – Principal, Kenwick School
  • Sandra Boyd – Principal, Armadale ESC
  • Jess Bates – Deputy Principal – Cannington Community ESC
  • Jennifer Grant – Deputy Principal, Kenwick School

The group aims to:

  • Identify collaboration areas of need and interest
  • Identify possible collaborations between Networks.
  • Develop Collaborative Learning Communities
  • Promote collaborative opportunities with other groups as appropriate. (university, IPL, agencies etc
  • Respond to needs of the strategic leadership and the Principal group as required.

Since its formation the Collaboration Group has worked with the membership and other ESSN strategic groups to support both the Network and the projects of groups such as the Professional Learning group by successfully applying for additional funds for PL on the Australian Curriculum for Education Assistants – which was delivered at the inaugural ESSN Conference.

The Collaboration Group has acknowledged the skills audit conducted in late 2011 as an important tool for determining the knowledge base of each school within the Network, the collection of this information has led to the production of a Yellow Pages directory of our collective skill sets. As new schools have joined our network and staffing situations change within schools further review and refinement of this document, was necessary. This has now been completed and a copy of the Yellow Pages is now available on this website.  The Yellow Pages will be regularly updated to reflect each member school.

One benefit of identifying the Network’s skill sets will be the ability to identify possible collaborative committees and working groups.  These groups may include new and current initiatives such as:

  •  ASDAN
  • Australian Curriculum
  • Literacy/Numeracy
  • iPads

Following on from the successes of the ‘ESSN iPad Project’, the Collaboration Group has promoted the establishment of Collaborative Learning Communities as a priority.  The ability to have forums and NINGs established through this website are all being considered. We hope that Network members will seek information and/or share best practice and resources.

In 2012 the Collaboration Group worked with a number of primary schools and held the first ESSN Tabloid Sports Day. This is planned to be the first of many sports days supported by the Network.  A special thanks to Canning Vale PS ESC for their work in co-coordinating this event.

As a network we need to seek out resources from a variety of sources to run our programs. What can we share with each other?  We ask that you contact us with your ideas and suggestions for promoting Collaboration across the South Metropolitan Region.